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Windows Identity Foundation RC Available


The release candidate (RC) for Windows Identity Foundation (formerly the Geneva Framework) is now available for download.

The latest release has several new features and fixes:

  • Refactored WSTrustClient as WSTrustChannelFactory and WSTrustChannel
  • Extended tracing functionality for better diagnosibility
  • Unifying SAML end points through WrappedTokenAuthenticator
  • Crypto agility
  • Bootstrap tokens availability through ClaimsIdentity
  • Security token cache updates to support session mode for ASP.NET cookies
  • FedUtil leveraged for control-based applications

The full list of changes between Beta 2 and the RC is available in a whitepaper.

To go along with this new update, there are also new versions of the Identity Training Kit, the FabrikamShipping example application, and the Claims-Driven Modifier Control (which is really nice if you haven’t tried it out).

There is no word on any new versions of Active Directory FS (Geneva Server) and no update on the final release date, but the word is that they are still shooting for RTM this quarter.

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